Who are we

Founded in 1995, Partner Logistic is a company of performances of service logistic. It was given for mission of offering a complete service and of top quality to the companies confronted with the current needs for the management of flows, while seeking before all answer waitings of its customers.

Partner Logistic does not have rolling equipment, this approach called 3PL (Third Party Logistics Provider) allows us to offer in all neutrality a broad range of equipment, and flexibility for forwarding of your freight in its globality….


Partner Logistic, gives you the opportunity of exclusively devoting you to your “core business”: our collaborators put at your service their experiment and their competences in transport and logistics. Such a partnership cannot be conceived without the insurance of a reliability without fault! Partner Logistic is extremely made respect its commitments of deadline and price to answer all your waitings effectively. Collaboration between us rests on an essential concept: confidence


Partner Logistic offers all the warranties of serious and care for all the missions that you entrust to us: qualifiEd staff, recent vehicles, meticulous follow-up of transport and the customs formalities, ultramodern infrastructures of storage.


Faithful to our principles of qualities: Partner Logistic offers to you a contact personalized as well as a fast follow-up of your orders and a flexibility of work worthy of requirements of your particular requests.

Partner Logistic

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