Founded in 1995, Partner Logistic is a company of performances of service logistic. It was given for mission of offering a complete service and of top quality to the companies confronted with the current needs for the management of flows, while seeking before all to very answer at waitings of its customers.

Partner Logistic does not have rolling equipment, this approach called 3PL (Third Party LogisticsProvider) enables us to offer in all neutrality a wide range of equipment, more flexibility and of flexibility for forwarding of your freight in its globality.

This offer is based on a collaboration without fault with a significant number of subcontractors, chosen to their equipment, of their specificity or of their geographical location. This partnership is based on a quality control permanent and making it possible to establish a ranking of reliability and serious one like on the respect of a charter of quality defining the mutual obligations.

Our volume of purchases enables us to guarantee to you services of high reliability at competitive prices.

After analysis of your needs and your requirements, in particular services cost, in all neutrality, we subject to you the best solutions, multimode or not, adapted to your objectives.

Our offer is individualized and adapts itself to all the needs which you could express.

We also provid you services with added-value such as customs formalities, cross-docking, storage, picking, conditioning

Partner Logistic puts at your service the experiment, competences, the kindness and the serious of its team.

Partner Logistic

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